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Loli wardrobe

Posting under the nudging of crucifixation_ and sassystrawberry

So many awesome wardrobe posts have been up for the last 2 weeks. I'm a little slow on this cos I'm a huge procrasinator, also I have to admit that I am providing half assed job on this because i'm too lazy to dig out all the blouses, shoes, socks and hair stuff I own. So these are just stuff that are
1) easily accessible
2) not already neatly organized in my wardrobe cos I'm too lazy to take them out and repacked in again
3) bigger items that people are interested in seeing.

For the record, my bedsheet is from Daichu which is located in Harajuku. I have a few of these which i rotate but it makes me look like a slob who doesn't change her bedsheets. :/ bad judgment on my part.

Enough rambling and on to the photos.

We start off with the Angelic Pretty. There's still so many prints I want from this brand but I am seriously starting to think that sweet rori doesn't suit me anymore. I should also curb the habit of accumulating stuff I haven't worn.

Classic rori pieces. Okay except that one on the far left which is actually a kera x AP collab. I just forgot to put it in the last pic.
Again, stuff I haven't worn.

Then we move on to random rori nonsense that just happened to be hanging around. Some excentrique corsets and a mille noir one. My VW, moitie and BPN jacket. VM bolero which is rly awesome when worn.
That black stuff on top is actually my triple fortune bonnet. exposure issues, I has eet.

My pride and joy. The btssb pockets jsks. They're the version 1.0 so they're really nice and form fitting. I was so obsessed with them I bought them in all the colours that existed. It was really at one point of time, my ultimate dream dress cos it was so rare and expensive.

Moitie Rozenkruez and a print which I have no idea what the name is. I rly love the rozenkruez, I wish i had it in grey as well. remind me never to photograph white and black clothing together, it's so hard to get the exposure right. :/

Moitie Velvet ribbon OP. So comfortable to wear. It squishes around. The sleeve shirrings are awesome.

Rose Thorn print skirt. I got it new with tags and it's a flocky print. Quite old i believe. from the Aoyama era for sure cos moitie from that period fits me better somehow.
Then there is the Candlebra print skirt and cape and yet another flocky print skirt I can't identify.

My gothic arch print jsks. I srsly love the cut of this jsk. The black one was my first jsk from Moitie and extremely sentimental to me. Getting the white one was full of drama. In fact alot of my pieces have a story to them. It will be hard to let go of them if I ever decide to.

This pic deserves bigger dimensions.
2 OPs, 2 skirts and a JSK. (whom alot of people thought I was crazy to buy it at such a price, I read every single on of your comments even on posts that aren't related. I know what you said, I just pretended that I didn't. And yes there is that loli_secret post which I saw too.)

I shall now bore everyone with the brief story of my moitie obsession.

I picked up a GLB like everyone else and browsed through the editorials that is Moitie. It used to dominate so many more pages than it did now, I should add. Mana is a mystery, the clothes he wore eluded so much elegance, I was instantly drawn. However, at that point of time, it is definitely out of my reach. Moitie was one of the most expensive loli brands.

Years passed (yes i am old) the seed of moitie (wtf!?) still unknowingly resides in me. I had a job, I started buying burando. It wasn't until I got to know crucifixation_ better (who became my best friend later.) that reignited my love for moitie.
I started my moitie collection in end 2007 or start of 2008 I really cldn't remember. My first moitie piece was the Iron Gate print skirt in black x navy. I was elated and victorious~!!! I wanted more~!!!
And so I did.

Thank you all for your attention.
I should add, that the "dream" dress doesn't exist.
Once you have it, it isn't a dream anymore and you go in search of other "dream" dresses.
It's a vicious cycle really. :/

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