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Queen Falling Star

Sew Post!

 After looking over a bunch of Sailor Loli post and Sailor Loli pictures I was completely craving a Sailor Loli dress so I decided to make one!

I didn't just want it to be a plain JSK or OP so I used two tutorials to make a ruffle over skirt which I attached to a bodice and a ruffle underskirt and now for the results.

No OTK or Knee socks were harmed in replacement of the leggings! I repeat the legging will do you no harm

A.K.A I have leggings on in these pics because I was lazy and didn't feel like changing them

Moving on! 

. I wanted to use a bright color with this dress and when I saw this bright blue fabric I fell in love! 

Showing the fullness of the skirt

The ruffle butt skirt =] [Sorry about the bra strap >.>]

The buttons!! 

And a bonus pic for laughs or smiles

Flying Sailor Loli!

For the cordinate I'm getting some blue and white striped socks from sock dreams and I'm going to make either a HEB or a Sailor hat can't choose =D

Constructive Concrit and etc welcome!

[X posted on my own journal]

Oh and I used these tutorials



Favorite thing was I made it for under 15 dollars =D
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