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(Central) Alabama Lolitas Pilot Meetup!

After lolitakaori created an Alabama Lolitas page, a few of us had the opportunity to meet up at our local mall as a sort of "pilot" meetup with a few girls^^

Ok, so off to the pictures ^^

From Left to right, akuialice 's friend, followed by akuialice herself, myself, and lolitakaori

lolitakaori and I talking (or rather, sauing "watermelon" over and over for pictures.)

lolitakaori and I again ^^

akuialice and her darker lovelyness ^^

lolitakaori looking lovely =)

Myself. The carosel kept closing and we couldn't manage to get a picture ON it >.>

Collectively, this was our favorite picture =)

Now for dress stats:

OP: Momos eBay
Socks: LingLams eBay
Shoes:pokemario0331 eBay
Earings, ring and necklace: bandana stand etsy...
Petticoat: Momos eBay
Alice bow: Bought off a user on LJ

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Forever 21
Bow: ITS
Jewelery, tights: Claire's
Shoes: Secret Shop
Petti, bloomers: Anna house
Purse: mashimaro_girl's lj

On a personal note, this was my first time dressing lolita and my first time posting here so hello ^^

That is all! We will probably have another person at our next meetup so look out!

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