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Vancouver Lolita Picnic -Saturday, August 1st

Date: Saturday, August 1st, @ 2:00 pm
Location: Queen Elizabeth Park : Meet by the fountains at two.
Picnic & Photoshoot from 2:00 pm to 6 pm: Bring snacks to share, blanket to sit on, ect.
Richmond Summer Nightmarket from 7pm to midnight/whenever: Let's go shoppinggg~ ♥
Dress: To impress! We're lucky enough to have not one but three photographers (two amateur, one professional) attending our meet up this time around. There might also be a woman (family friend of mine) who's coming along to write an article about lolita for some paper, but I'm not sure about that.

Picnic and Photoshoot: 2:00 to 6:00
We'll be picnic'ing and photoshoot'ing at Queen Elizabeth Park, which is going to be a lot of fun. Just to give a general idea of the photographers that are coming for the picture taking part, here's some links to their sites and a little rundown of who they are XD;

Jennie, or autumn_x0 here on livejournal is a long time photographer, part time lolita who not only likes to wear the frills, but likes to shoot others in them as well. All of the photoshoots that I've posted here so far she's taken, and while she's never done any real professional work before her photos are really awesome ♥ plus she's funny and I love her >DDD

Brian, ( dad XD) has taken a whole bunch of photography classes and totes around these really nice, giant camera lenses, so I reasoned it'd be a shame not to invite him along. He's a lot of fun and thinks lolita is sort of neat, and he wants to add to his deviantart gallery as well.

Finally, Sam Chua is a friend of mine that I met through my Dad; he's a professional photographer, and a really nice guy. I showed him some lolita coordinates and photoshoots, and he decided right then and there that a giant lolita photoshoot was in order XD; He told me that he hopes to shoot some vogue editorial style shots at this meet. I'm excited!

if anyone needs help with make up or hair or whatever I can do my best to assist : D just in case anyone's totally lost when it comes to either, haha~

1. momosugarhime
2. autumn_x0
3. sharon (off livejournal)
4. helena (off livejournal)
5. serena (off livejournal)
6. chiloves1
7. shincaru
8. beru_beru
9. xmidarex
10. bunnie_doll

Richmond Summer Night Market: 7:00 pm to whenever.

We'll be leaving Queen Elizabeth Park around 6. The night market doesn't open until 7, but I reasoned it best that we aim to all meet around 6:30 or so, considering it can take a while for everyone to get gathered/issues with transit can always happen.

We will meet JUST BEFORE THE PATH TO GO INTO THE NIGHT MARKET. This means you walk past the macdonalds, over the train tracks and along the dirt path until you get to the entrance to the parking lot. There's an open space there, so we'll gather there.
If anyone would like my cell phone number, please just ask, and I'll P.M it to you.

Depending on which area you need to get back home to, it's wise to leave the night market around 11:30 at the latest. This way you can make sure you have ample time to catch your bus.


1. momosugarhime
2. autumn_x0
3. sharon (off livejournal)
4. helena (off livejournal)
5. serena (off livejournal)
6. myhandisitchy
7. loli_scarecrow

On another note..
: D pride is the next day! Will there be any lolitas there? ♥

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