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more loliable stuff at hot topic!!!

A lot of people are probably sick of these kinds of posts so feel free to delete.
Anyway, I was browsing around my local hot topic store and I noticed 2 loliable items in the store

one was a very cute pink petti that probably has quite the poof because of the stiff nylon tulle (the scratchy kind) at the bottom hem:

photo kinda yellow from the crappy lights in my room, couldn't find stock pics but petti is actually a cute cotton candy pink!

the second thing I saw was some white knee socks with black crisscrossing lines and a bow at the top, kinda like a ballerina style. I didn't buy them and the website does not list it so I have no pics for those socks. I came across some other loliable socks however:


the black and white stripes have "blood splatters" and the top of the pink stripe ones have a black bow

I am quite suprised and while thier clothes arent really loli, they tend to have some loliable accessories! ^.^  I'll have to start shopping there again!

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