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Hershey Park Meetup Pictures!

The Hershey Park Meetup was today! Only three Lolitas actually showed up, but it was still alot of fun! I just thought I would share some pictures.

The first picture we took as soon as we got there! I'm in the white and pink, rae_of_hope is in the black and white, and Jess (I don't know her LJ name!) is in all white. The non-Lolitas outnumbered the Lolitas though! XD

Everyone else on the Pirate Ship. I'm not much of a ride person. ^^"

XD For some reason Anna (pink hair) thought I looked cute eating my sub and took a picture of me.

Feeding the duckies!

Cute lizard!

In front of the Milton Hershey statue.

Hunting dinosaurs! =D I actually had really good aim! Thank you Dirge of Cerberus! lol

The weird dance game where the buttons are in the corners... we just had to try. XD We were terrible! DDR is much better!

Team work! XD

^^" I really have no idea what we're looking at!

Is she surprised we suck so bad? lol

Give me my money back! >.<

All together it was a really fun day! We got a lot of compliments and actually ran into a few people who knew what Lolita was. There was also this crazy girl who ran up, hugged us, and asked us to help find her sheep... she was a little bit scary. XD
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