terbear03 (terbear03) wrote in egl,

EGL in my mainstream fashion... Oh nos!

..So this afternoon, I was walking through my local Mall in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. I was hoping to pick up a few good 'ole fashion American style clothes and accessories though I must admit, thoughts of an upcoming Lolita meet-up were swirling through my head...


I walked into Icing, thinking I'd find a cheap pair of knee socks at best, and image my shock to find this hanging with the hair accessories for only $8.50.

A mini hat!

Now, I remember picking up something similar in Harajuku for 1500 yen not too long ago and lamenting the fact that I'd never be able to wear it in public because of it being such an obscure fashion accessory...

Mini hat from Harajuku

These two hats are almost identical in size and built out of similar materials.

So, my question is this: Have any of you noticed EGL type things in everyday mainstream fashion? If so, where did you see it at? And third, does it give you the confidence to start wearing your EGL out in public more?

I'm the first to admit, that shortly after purchasing the mini-hat, I wore it right out of the store and loved it!

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