Jaja (jajaneko) wrote in egl,

Hoshi Matsuri: mini lolita hang out

 Hai~ My first convention post. Me and some friends went on the event called Hoshi Matsuri that was held yesterday at a public university here. Though only few of us made it, we really had fun rolling on the grass and linger with plants and trees. So much of city life, ne? XD

me and my friend Darlene. Soooo cute pinkuuu! :3

Asian poses~ Haha! We're asians anyway. XD

Another oneee...

And.. the shot of the day! Love it! :)

Sachiko. She digs more on Visual Kei though. But she's cool. :3

My bestfriend, Amaru. Again, looking pretty. (Gaaah. yes! He's a HE.)

Your porcelain doll. :3

Grass = <3

Why sooo cute~ She sang some anime song. Shall kidnap NAO~

Yummy Wa lolita. :3


thanks for viewing! :3

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