gil_sarang (gil_sarang) wrote in egl,

Lolita meet up in Omaha, Nebrasaka?

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Hi ^^ I'm looking for meet up in Omaha

I know there are some lolis out there, please please come out~~

I'm from Korea(of course it's south lol), I know some of you are wondering why I visit there it's not tourist area -

that's because my husband is from Omaha and we're having wedding reception this saturday *yay*

This is my second visit USA and first as a lolita I really want to meet lolita ladies in America

I will be stay there until Aug 17th

I wish I could have lots of lolita meet up! 

I don't know anything - like where is good place to meet about here actually

so Please somebody come out and organize one for me and other lolis in central!

I'm looking forward to meet other lolitas ^^

my suitcase is full of lolita dresses!! i don't want to dissapointed them  my lolita dresses are also look foraward to meet you! ^^
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