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Review of Cake Shop run by lovely_rabbit

I recently purchased a custom phone charm fromlovely_rabbit , and received it today. I had looked forward to receiving it for about 2 weeks, and was super excited to receive it! :] Here’s the thread from which I bought the items: http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/7077540.html

Here’s a breakdown of some general categories and how well I think she scored:
1) Price/shipping: pretty fair for custom items and fast shipping time. 3/5.
2) Communication: only spoke when spoken to. Didn’t update me on the status of my items till I emailed her. 3/5
3) Item quality: I hate to do this, but 1/5. Below is what happened.
4) Seller ethics: deleted my rightfully negative feedback in her journal only moments after I posted it. 0/5

This is a drawn picture of the phone charm when I received it. Forgive the crudeness of this sketch, but I didn’t even have the chance to take a picture of it before it, well, broke.

Here’s what happened: I received the phone charm about 8 am today and immediately put it on my phone since I was so excited to receive it. After I put it on my phone, I let it sit on my bed stand until I had to leave for class at around 1:50 pm. I put my phone into my pocket and drove to school. I arrived at my classroom at about 2:10pm and shortly after I discovered a horrifying thing that has occured: the cake piece was gone, and all I had was the coffee cup. I left class promptly when I could at around 3pm and, thankfully, found it right next to my car. Simple calculations revealed that the phone charm broke in less than 7 hours after attaching it onto my phone.

I immediately emailed lovely_rabbit regarding this issue. I asked her to work some sort of solution out with me but she simply offered me her apologies. I did warn her in advance that I will be leaving her negative feedback if no solution is provided. As it was the case, no solution was provided and I left her a negative feedback in her journal.

Here’s the interesting part: my negative feedback in her journal is nowhere to be seen now. Isn’t that something? Here’s an exact copy-paste of what I wrote

"Cute items, however the phone charm I ordered from her broke within 5 hours of use. Phone charm chain seems to be made of plastic, and the construction overall wasn't very sturdy. I'm sad to leave her negative feedback but she wouldn't work out a solution with me. Just don't order anything from her that you might use regularly and you should be fine :]"

A fairly kind negative feedback, given my situation, wouldn’t you say? Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to take constructive criticism very well. Needless to say I’ve already left her negative feedback on loligothdbs.com

Here’s an actual review of the product itself. Held at a length, the items look really nice, but upon closer inspection it’s not hard to see that the items aren’t as well made as they seem, especially the cake piece. Below are some pictures:

The top looks fine, but look at the sides: it’s so obvious there are still cracks between the cake layers. The anchor hooks are also poorly inserted into the cake. It's too bad that my camera isn't very good, but if it was then I would have pictures of the sides of the cake too, where it's also obvious that the cake isn't glue together very well.

After the chain broke into 2 pieces, I decided to break them off completely and tested the sturdiness of the chain by pulling on the ends to see how well they hold. Conclusion: not very well at all. The chains broke with a simple stretch, probably due to the fact that they were plastic instead of metal.

The hooks on the cup and the cup itself is actually pretty good, so I decided to, literally, cut my losses and fix it up so I’d have at least something to show for what I bought. The funny part is that I paid a total of $8.99 including shipping for the phone charm, but now only the cup is usable. The cup is only worth $3.50 from her sales page, FFS. (The blue and green bells are my own, too.)

I have to say, I did learn a few things from this experience though:
1) Check loligothdbs before buying. Only after this incident did I check her loligothdbs and found out that she has 2 neutral feedback prior to mine.
2) Read the fine print. She did write that she doesn’t do refunds, exchanges, or returns in her sales page. I definitely got screwed over by that.
3) Don’t order something the seller isn’t used to making. I requested a customized phone charm, whereas she mostly advertised rings and hairclips. For other people’s sakes, I hope her rings are more durable than her phone charms.

Overall, I’m not pleased with my items and she definitely has some ethics issues to work out, but I wouldn't black list her completely. I know I personally won't be buying from her again since her work isn't 100% guaranteed and you're SOL if you get one of her poorer items.
Hope this review helped :]

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