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I know I am rather late but I just came back from my China trip and found this closet thing going on and I wanna be a part of it toooo! I also promissed the lovely  redtonic a look into my closet so I am sorry sweetie a bit late but here is!
Ok.here we go....

First up my drawer, I have a serious headband addiction and have over 50 headbands at the moment and I am still counting, not all of it is brand off course! I wish ;)


I actually storage a part of my headbands in a tea pot I got at a second hand store :)

Gloves and other stuff:

Black gloves made by egl member, blue from the h&m, white from when I was a little girl and a bridesmaid on my parents wedding, cameo bow and black headress from Victorian Maiden and Moitie, rosecomb from mary magdalena.

Baby, jesus diamante, hat from Primark, Mary Magdalena and handmade

I got my jewellery box from my grandma when she died so it is rather special to me.

I should really invest in some more nice brand bags, I have so many non brand bags but my brand collection is rather small.

And this is were I keep my bags usually.

I recently decided to sell all my underknees and get overknees from now on, so my collection got a lot smaller then it use to be, so sell me your overknees people ;)
Innocent World, Angelic Pretty and Baby.


Other stuffies:
My drawer with shoebows, detachable sleeves, belts and other stuffies

Meta, I.W and Banana Fish

Bodyline, Meta, Heart E, MAM

Cardigans and a skirt:
I.W skirt, heart e bunny bolero, baby.

I am a fluffy girl so most stuff is shirred or made for me,

Hmhm chandelier jsk and meta's sweet op.

All Meta

fanplusfriend, I actually asked them to make both dresses and then they did put them in their webshop, I always find it nice to see other girls buying these designs :)

Moitie Ritual jsk and Meta's lace monster jsk XD

Rose melody, Meta and Dear Celine

Bodyline, rose melody. dear celine and fanplusfriend
I really should iron these they just came out of the wash.

Not pictured because I always forget something....
Moitie lace jsk, i.w bolero ( hasn't arrived yet) and some more blouses ( in the wash )

Thanks for looking and posting all your wardrobes I didn't have time to leave any comments because I have so much catching up to do after my tripp :)

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