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Otakon 2009-Professional Photos

Otakon is over! T_T;; I am a very sad Erinface. I had a really great time this year-in fact, it was probably my best Otakon ever! I got to spend lots of time with my dearest sweetsailormars , see good friends I hadn't seen since LAST year, and meet some new people who were awesome and fantastic.

I didn't take very many pictures with my camera this year *GASP IN SHOCK AND AWE*, so those are going to get their own post. *This* post is for some professional photos taken by Refractor Productions on Saturday and Sunday. None of these shoots were planned (apparently the Refractor guys just really liked our outfits XD), but i think the photos came out really well!

Refractor found us as we were walking across the skywalk from the Harborplace on Saturday,and dragged us into this shady corner for some photos. It was surprisingly non-creepy!

sweetsailormars looks extremely displeased in the Saturday pictures, but she has a good reason. She was wearing a tightlaced corset for the first time. ^^ That morning I spent about half an hour lacing her into my corset so she could wear her dream Moitie coordinate. I'd say it was worth it, because she looked absolutely amazing...but I'm not sure if she would agree. XD

arktoi , sweetsailormars , freakshownia 

I don't know what I'm doing in this picture, but I think it's kinda cute XD

Boo, random cosplay guy, ruining my cute photo-op!
My laptop is broken and I has no photoshop, so I cant' be a jerk and edit him out XD

I think this one is my favorite ^^

My outfit rundown:
Dress: Moitie
Haircomb: Victorian Maiden
Shoes: Montreal
Jewelry: Handmade
Everything else: Offbrand like whoa

freakshownia  is so cute! I hope she doesn't mind me posting her photos too. ^^

Torey's outfit rundown:
Cutsew: Offbrand
Skirt and Headbow: Meta
Shoes: Montreal (I think?)

The ever-lovely sweetsailormars , still looking gorgeous despite being in pain!

So pretty and elegant! I have the most gorgeous rori BFF evar. <33

Kara's outfit rundown:
Dress, blouse, socks, hairpiece, necklace: Moitie
Shoes: Bordello


Kara and I accidentally matched on Sunday XD. It was totally unplanned. If only she had been wearing white tights, it would have been perfect!

Once again, Refractor dragged us into a secluded corner in a totally uncreepy way. I'm serious, these guys are some of the only con photographers I've ever met who are NOT creepy in the slightest!

Smiling is against the Gothic Lolita code...but I do it anyway. XD

I look kind of confused...

Clearly, I am Better Than You.

...or something.

Kara looks...frightened?

Nope, she's just gorgeous. ^^

We drove home on Sunday in full lolita XD. It was very entertaining at rest stops.
Refractor found us one more time outside the BCC, as we were getting ready to leave.

I wish I could have huge awesome hair Like Kara's! But they don't make any of those nifty extensions in my hair color. =(

Standard Lolita Pose, GO!

Note to self: Raising your chin in photos does NOT make you look taller.

I generally don't smile in pictures. I think this is an indication that I had a good weekend. ^^

I totally saw this pose on an episode of America's Next Top Model.

Hooray for fake Vivienne Westwood that I got in the dealer's room!

This may sound weird, but my favorite angle of my face is profile. XD It's the only angle in which it doesn't look weird.

O hay thar

Loli BFFs for LYFE! <33

Sunday outfit rundowns:

sweetsailormars :
Blouse: Moitie
JSK: Alice and the Pirates
Headdress: Moitie
Shoes: Bordello

arktoi :
Blouse: Rave (lol)
JSK: Millefleurs
Bow: Moitie
Shoes: Payless
Parasol: Metamorphose

Thanks for looking everyone! 

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