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One Wish Left Review

Here's another review!
I recently purchased from One Wish Left-

One Wish Left- (http://www.onewishleft.co.uk)

I ordered right away when the store was announced that it was opened. The checkout process was easy, the response time was impeccable, the shipping time was good considering it was being shipped from the UK to the US, packaging was excellent, and the items are absolutely wonderful!

I don't have a picture, but the items came in a box, all wrapped in bubble wrap to preserve the fragile pieces.

Here's what I got!

Large decora headband in Pink x White of the Horse and carriage (Link to store )

Everything is put together nicely and it's superbly cute overall. The pink textured pearls add a nice touch to this. I adore the little rose!

Picture of it worn:

Overall review of headband: 10/10. Excellent price ($16), excellent quality. I really want to order another one like this and a castle one!


Large Decora Princess Castle Necklace in Pink x White (Link to store)

I ordered this one with a request that the necklace would be longer than given length. I'm extremely pleased by my decision.
Everything again is put together extremely nicely and it's very cute!


Overall review of necklace: 10/10. Excellent price ($16), excellent quality. I wish she made carousel horse ones as well! I'd definitely get one in red and white :D


Rose and Thorn Ring (Link to store)

I ordered this in gun metal. (Link to picture on site) But in actuality it seems so black! I'm a little sad about that, I thought it would be browner!
It's gorgeous though. The rose is attached to a ring base and also had a pin back to which you can attach the barbed wire chord to. The chord has a hook at the other end to allow you to wrap it around the wrist.
The only complaint that I have is that the surface of the rose was slightly sticky, causing dust to settle onto it. This is probably due to the gloss or whatever varnish was used to seal it not drying completely.

Close up of rose:

Picture of it worn:

Overall review of ring/bracelet set: 9/10. A bit steep in price for me ($32) and was sticky to the touch. Other than that, it's very pretty. However, for the price, I could see it being a necklace but not a ring/bracelet set.


Ice lolly necklace-strawberry (Link to store)

Wore it already twice and love it. The chain is a bit short for my tastes. But, it seems as though this guy will hold up well!

Overall review of necklace set: 10/10. Cute for such a cheap price! ($6.40)


And finally rings!

Musical Kitty ring (Link to store)

Adjustable ring, well made! Love it!

Rose and Key ring (Link to store)
Adjustable ring, well made! Very nice! I love the fact that a rose can be encased like that :D

Overall review of rings: 10/10

I also ordered a few ice cream sundae glasses (which I don't have a picture of right now, sorry!). They came wrapped in bubble wrap, and are just like they are pictured! Look out for a few goodies I'll make with them :D
Link to the glasses: http://www.onewishleft.co.uk/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=39_41&products_id=33


The long and short of it:
Communication:10/10 -Never a problem!
Packaging: 10/10 -Extremely well packaged
Construction: 9.75/10 -Only complaint was that the rose was sticky.
Materials: 10/10
Pricing: 9/10 -The rose and thorn ring was a bit pricey.
I'll definitely be ordering again! The service is one of the best I've experienced :D And there are quite a few items that are original and very fun!

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