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Hello egl!

It's my first post on the community, but I'm a member since a very long time.
Let me introduce myself, I'm Kyu, I'm 20 and I'm leaving in France. I'm into the lolita fashion for nearly 4 years now and I've built my closet step by step.

So now, let me show you my little closet! <3

At the begining, I used to put all my lolita clothes in the closet for my "normal" clothes. But when I started to own my first burando dress, I was so amazed that I decided to do a sort of "visible closet" just for loli clothes. And here is the result!

It seems to be very messy, but in reality all is organised...
From Left to right, you've got the jackets and knits, skirts, JSKs and OPs, coat, blouses and finaly cutsews. The socks are in the blue and brown bow, the basket contains my blommers and drawers and the box on the floors the jewerlry and some accessories. Head thigs are with clothes, like you can see...
In nearly four years, I've never sell anything because when I bought something, it's that I truly love itn and am never bored. All the prints I own are my dream prints (but there some that I love more than others...). My favorite prints are mermaids, cats (I LOVE cats to death) and sweets, parfaits, cakes, etc...

My jewelry boxe...

Like you can see, I don't have a lot of jewelry because I'm afraid to lost them and by the way I never wear them.
The pink necklace is a head thing from H&M, and all the others are non brand, except the one with a bow that comes from AP. Badges are gifts from both baby and AP Tea Party in July 09 (I just attend the AP Tea Party but when I came to baby shop, Mr Sawada gives me this little bag as a gift). Wristcuffs are handmade and hair combs from BTSSB.

Under the skirt you've got the basket and the socks box

Bloomers and drawers are from Métamorphose, and the two (synthetic cause I hate real fur) cape fur are non brand (one is a set with a coat).

The socks box. Totally full. I need to found a new box :/

I'm sorry but they're too many to be named :/ If you want to know the brand of one in particular, ask me! :)

Near the socks you've got the bags in a huge colorful basket.

From bottom to the front and from left to right ; F + F, AP, vintage bag I found in a 2nd hand store, non brand, handmade, BTSSB, non band, non brand. Two AP bags are missing.

Head accessories!

From B to F, and L to R : Handmade (x3), BTSSB (x3), non brand (x3).
The black earmuffs are just sooo comfy and sweets!

And now, the clothes!
First of all, jackets and knits ; non brand, Morgan, BTSSB.

Blouses ; non brand, Méta, Bodyline and Méta (plus one Méta is missing)

Tops; BTSSB and Méta for the black ones, AP for the pink ones and the blue is handmade.

JSKs : Méta, and the two following are handmade.

OPs ; My first ""lolita"" dress that I bought when I was 17. I don't wear it anymore, but it's more for the memories connected to it that I keep it :), Méta (comes from a LP), AP and BTSSB (it's my first burando dress).

Skirt part 1 ; non brand altered (awww I remember how many times I went to high school with...I've stopped to wear lolita at school when I enter in college, because I was too busy with work. Now I have some regrets because everybody in my class was like "oh!but you should come, it's so cute" and now I'm going to work so I guess it won't be the best place to wear it lol), handmade, altered, and handmade (x2).

Skirt part 2 ; Bodyline, ITS, F + F, Putumayo.

And finaly my three favorite skirts. It takes so many times to found them!But it totaly worth the time and money I spend. I adore them because it's my two favorite prints (the TM print is just the number one. It tales me 2 years abd a half to found it). I'm just too happy when I wear it *_*

Oh and I forget to present you the little cat...hum no, scarf...I made!It's an AP replica and I made it with a very sweet fabric, I love to wear it n_n

Lolita coat, a replica from a BTSSB that I bought on ebay. It's cute and all, but I never wore it, because when I bought it I wasn't expecting that it'll be so warm. I live in south of France and it's definitively not cold enough to wear that type of cloth. But luckily I'll move to a nothern part of the country in september and will surely able to wear it.

And what's about my petti? He's hanging on another part of my bedroom. I put it there to be sure that it won't be compressed by anything else.

And under there's my GLBs.

And to conclude...SHOES!

I tidy them in the cellar. You can't see, but I have a real weakness for Tea Party shoes. I have a green and a lavander pair in boxes, and I pre-ordered a brown pair. Hoppe that I'll be able to buy red and white soon XD
Handmade (x3), Montreal shoes, BTSSB and secret shop (x3).

I really hope that you enjoyed my post.
Please excuse my mistakes, but like you can see I'm not an english native speaker and my language is really far away from perfect.
Since it's my first post here, I hope that I don't do anything wrong. If something isn't fine, please tell me and I'll do my best to fix it!(And I also really hoppe that my lj cut will work ><")

Have a nice day!!
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