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I haven't been involved with lolita for a while, so forgive me if this is some common knowledge.

In order to check to see if something is still in stock on japanese sites I'd always click the item, if it went in the cart I could order it.

Everytime I try this on BSSB's webpage I get this block of text:

恐れ入りますが、BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHTは現在メンテナンスの為、閉店中です。

I can't read Japanese, so I eventually decided to run it through a translator, and got:

It is embarrassed, but BABY and THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT presently because of maintenance, are in the midst of closing. We apply annoyance, but now please wait for a while.

Which means the purchasing option is down for maintenance? What?

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