yukinokoi (yukinokoi) wrote in egl,

Lolitatales : Chandelier OP wrong package received


This post is about the recent problem with seller lolitatales . I know there has been a couple of other posts about it, so please delete if it's inappropriate.

Eventually, after 2,5 months of waiting, I received my order...but unfortunately the size was totally wrong, so I guess the dress belongs to one of you who ordered the same piece.

The measurements of this dress are:

Bust: about 46''
Waist: about 41''
Length: 41''

My measurements are 10'' less than the above mentioned bust/waist and the dress is extremely long, so I can't modify it at all.

If somebody has mistakingly received a dress with measurements - Bust: approx 37'' Waist: approx 31'', please drop me a line. Also if somebody ordered the dress with the above mentioned measurements, please let me know.

Other than that, the dress is beyond beautiful and well sewn, quality, fabric and colour are totally amazing. The headbow is huge but adorable *_*One thing is for sure though, I'm never again ordering from lolitatales  ...

Thanks for reading! :D

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