Cecilia : B (loli_scarecrow) wrote in egl,
Cecilia : B

closet post:: small closets need love too D:

wanna see my 'i haz no job' size closet?

I didn't start buying things until two years ago, but selling honey on commission doesn't pay well. y'see~
My room walls [because I could not be bothered to clean my floors/surfaces. way to hot]
my room isn't large enough to accommodate my intense room decor skills, so atm I'm just working on my 'cover your walls with girly men' collage [as tacky as that may be, shhh]

Closet timez
Outer wear
mah blazers [from top left to right]
gift from friend, lucky find at a thrfit store, meta
The pinky lilac blazer has really nice pearls and (good) lace adorning the collars~

F+F, [ignore the black one] bodyline

Both off brand.
The white one has some pretty details, and the collars on both blouses are really great, you can't tell in these photos though :C

Jumper skirts [i have magical pony on the way]
Both are Baby, [the pink one was my first jsk :'3]

Milky ange, and AP

Hand made by me.. COLGATE MINTY FRESH~

AP, and AH
friend bailed out on buying the strawberry ribbon set, so i guess its stuck with me forever : /

Every thing is hand made, the skirts to the right aren't all PURE LOLITA , but I can work them in

hand made by me, i almost NEVER need to use a second one,
[its all hemmed and wonky looking cause AH doesn't like tall people i guess?

pants and the like [for when I want to be all gentlemanly like]
Everything is hand made except for my pink pin stripped tripp trousers,
we got some white princely pants, bloomers [lol whut?] and those.. shorts with leg warmer pants

My some what impressive sock collection is not rori enough :C
if anyone sees those polka dotted socks in a local mall, I neeeed a new pair..

head stuff
top hats are bodyline
flower hair clip is tarina tarintino
ear muffs are spring shoe store
pink and white check bow was a SS gift

close up on clips

AP/ hand made

I have shit ton of extensions cause my ex mohawk isn't completely grown in


All my accessories are hand made or offbrand. Sweet rings are from the comm sales


Docs, Sterling? AH, T.U.K, DDoff brand, offbrand, AH

All knock offs, except like
the hello kitty bag, and the H. naoto bag
not neccessarily lolita but I still work it in somehow
Top hat, corsets and gators are all hand made by me. [yes gators, I do have a flirtation with cyber lolita no hatin' i didn't include my cyberrr wigs though :o]
the top hat and white under bust go together with my white rabbit costume/outfit

maybe next time when I'm employed for rlz i will have a nicer closet to share, and my room will be cleaner/less crappy looking :B
thanks for viewing my terribly jumbled post.
[edit] crappy spelling is crappy.

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