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otakon 2009: thursday and friday

It is your favorite time of year, egl! The time of year when everyone posts their Otakon pictures all at once and you can't escape it!

Part 1 is a little bit of Thursday and a whole lot of Friday, when we had our annual Teavolve shenanigans. Unfortunately for everyone there was no karaoke this year and thus no horrible embarrassing karaoke VIDEOS. I can only apologize.

We did get to witness a great panel about the individuality of the style in the US, called "Freedom of Fashion: the American Lolita", which shared some really interesting perspectives on why lolita manifests in its (great!) and highly unique way in the US.

Gorgeous sweetsailormars and arktoi don't kick me out of their elegance party even though I am panda-ing. They are both in Millefleurs, a sadly underrepresented brand!

We saw this sign while in pre-reg:

And definitely sympathized!!

Oh I don't have that many lolita pictures from Thursday I guess. On to the REAL excitement!

yuki_dragon kept trying to sell me tickets to the gun show and I politely refused and said I'm a pacifist and they were like, "C'mon please" and I lied and told them I didn't have any money and finally they just GAVE me a ticket. THEY SHOULD HAVE PAID ME.

toujourspret , Ellie, ginithekiller , 21stcherryboy decide on what tea they wanna drink

archfaith and me! We have matching hair! And phones! And wardrobes!

darcia26 , someidiot , and Angela

saitou_null and tian_shi ! if you put them together, they are 'An Angel'. O__O

thislonlyflower and toujourspret are opposite in style but equally cute

Don't talk to me about peace, Xanet! You're a lolita, not a DIRTY HIPPIE

Cute girl whose name I need a reminder of and mr_cutiepants

That is probably why you're number 2 out of 2, Jeremiah :(

Rei illustrated Carla's reaction to the desserts being brought on (on the right)

Biological sister Gini in Meta and sister of my heart Xanet in F+F

nerorizim is stealing my thunder in her Ronald McDonald coord!

Perpetual sass machines Kara (in Meta) and Carla (in ITS)

Erin looking stunning in IW, Yuki and runali are the prom queen and king

Angela, captain of the SS Adorable and Morgan, mayor of Cutietown

Lovely Elizabeth, who doesn't get NEARLY enough credit for running the tea party every year (thank you, darling!!) and Marissa, whose first meetup this was! I hope we made an ok impression. Probably not. D:

Zoh, showing off a BURNIN' HOT Morrigan NYC prototype, and sakurafairy , showing off an ICE COLD Lily of the Valley Designs OP!

Posing with pretty much my favorite person in the world, Miss Claire/ queenofdorks of Cute Plush. If you like things that are AWESOME and ADORABLE (made by someone whom these adjectives also describe!) you should probably hit her up right this very second.

I am amazed and delighted by our color palette. And our assortment of hair accessories! We're bossy in the Kelis sense of the word.

We call her Cotton Candy Koda 'round these here parts but you may know her as a_dropofcolour . The hotness on the right is Lily Allen curly_b . You can tell she is not Lily Allen because she is wearing cute heels instead of kicks.

noodleynaddles and pony_parade , who ends up showing off her bustle. Don't worry bb I was already looking at it, you don't have to point it out to me. /creepy

Why did I end my creepy tag! I need to be continuously creepy on behalf of Angel and adoooorable circadianpuppet

kisei_prophet makes me want to make so many Of Mice and Men/Looney Tunes references at once why are you doing this to meeeee. cupcakecadaver 's endorsement of Aquafina drove up sales 100fold!!

I found some AP for you since east coast cons don't seem to rep it that much. We do rep DINOS, thanks to legsdiamond , and it makes me proud to be Atlantic

Two really cute girls in matching Meta Swan Lake, and adorable Petrina

Erin punx it up, remains cute while doing so, and bakaneko47 may be wearing cherries but is never the pits. HMM. I think I should have let that one go.

Miakoda, bakaxtenshi , Morgan, and Kara demonstrate the FREEDOM OF FASHION of the American lolita

An, I promise to stop making puns with your name but only because you are so awesome! The story with the picture on the right was that my sister and I were posing for a picture and tihs guy jumped into it. He tried to back out at the last minute but I told him to stay and I think we became one big happy family for those three seconds.

This isn't even the last of the swan lake but I don't get tired of it when cuties like misadesu are wearing it!

I'll post pictures from the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show and general goings-on soon!
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