Lessie, Noblesse oblige (mydarlinglessie) wrote in egl,
Lessie, Noblesse oblige

closet meme: better than homework


is it too early, and i should be sleeping but, this is way more fun so, i thought, lets give it a try :D
there you go, my Little closet♥
no, im not a tidy person..at all.

there you can see it open, is monster o.o! and in the door my dear Severus, of course.

but, let's see what is inside :D

the pink princess, baby and handmade


Casual skirts, offbrand and handmade


the infamous replicas, both bodyline, as you can guess



bxw ones, putumayo and bodyline.


both handmade, the black one was my first loli skirt ever.

the brow chiks. handmade, was my mom's and bodyline
the green one is my fav, all handmade
little red, handmade and bodyline
you can tell i love dots. was my mom's and handmade
soo little jsk, i must admit i prefer sewing skirts, so that is why i have so little. was my moms and handmade
the blouses, white anna house, rest are offbrand or handmade, i have also 2 more whites, one on the washing machine and the other in the dress-form, and a red tartan also in the washing machine.
purses, bodyline, offbrand and my vintage, baby parasol
shoes. again, most offbrand. white anna house ones, and black bodyline

necklaces, and stuff offbrand and handmade♥ my fav: the owl bought it at brian park in NYC

some bracelet and broaches, other stuffs like rings
fans, and other goods

minihat by my mom, and random barrettes

some cardis, i have more but i would not bother with that.

there you can see, the dressform, hp poster, sailor moon dolls and lot of crap.


all the jackets, bags, sweeney todd poster, another hp poster and the naruto one is from my brother.
yes, the black backpack say Lessie Snape, i know im insane,

books, pc, more crap, severus figure, books you can also see my wand and the tv.
my bed with, the potions thing, more hp goods, and other books and stuff
my sewing part, as messy as the rest, of couse, you can see fabric and lace boxes.

my loving and beloved sewing machine♥

and there you can see more of the crap, but closer. oh yes, and my pen in the side.

of course you can see more things and better at my pupe closet
well, that's all, i hope you liked it. or at least have fun. i had so much, while taking this, it was suppose to be tidy after it but..it was not going to happen.

bye and have a good day!


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