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San Diego Comic Con 2009

The ladies of sandiego_lolita would like to invite all egl members that might be attending San Diego Comic Con to a few Meet and Greets! Gothic, sweet, artistrocrat, country... everyone is welcome to attend! Not dressed in gothloli? Stop by anyways! As long as you enjoy gothloli or are a fan of Japanese fashion, we'd love for you to visit!

What's a Meet and Greet? Think of it as a really disorganized casual meet-up. :) Comic Con is too huge of a convention to effectively organize a large gothloli picnic or gathering, so we'd like for everyone to show up in certain areas at certain times just to hang out, talk, and take pictures. (Hrm...sounds kinda like a flash mob.)

Also, as SDCC is pretty much chock-full of fun and exciting things to do, it makes it near impossible to coordinate a day/time when everyone can meet, so we're gonna try multiple gatherings. The Sunday meet and greets are open to those that are not attending, but are willing to brave the craziness that will be traffic in downtown San Diego.


Times and locations:
- Friday, 1-2 pm, rear patios
- Sunday, 10am -12 noon, Plaza Park
- Sunday, 5pm- ?, Plaza Park

If you cannot make it to any of the times listed above but you would still like to make new loli friends, I suggest posting the days you will be at the con and what free time you plan on having or what panels you'll be going to - maybe someone else will have free time, too, or be attending the same panel.

Food/drink: None. You don't need to bring any, but if you want to, go for it. We understand that most people will be in hotels and not have adequate kitchen supplies and instead of discouraging people from attending by asking people to bring food, we're just going to forgo it. However, if you do want to bring food to share, just remember - no one's bringing utensils.

- Rear patios: There are patios on the 2nd floor that face the bayfront. There are stairs that lead down to the bayfront in the middle of the stairs. Please meet at the top of the stairs. I'm pretty certain (but I'm not 100%) that you can get to the patios from the fan tables or by going out the glass doors by the rooms 7AB, 8, and 10.
- Plaza Park: This is the grassy area next to Hall H. On Sunday, there are no Hall H events (according to the current con schedule) so we should have no problem meeting at the Niki St. Phalle statue, "Coming Together." It's the really big, colorful dual-face. (You can see images HERE.)

If you're not attending Comic Con on Sunday, but you're going to be around, you will not need an attendee badge to meet up at Plaza Park. So, for example, if you only are attending Saturday, but you'll be there Sunday morning, you could still make it to meet and greet. Or if you're not going to the convention at all, the evening Sunday meet and greet might be good for you, if you're looking for someone to go to dinner with. (Just remember, traffic will suck.)

If you cannot make it for the entire time period listed for a meet and greet, show up for what you can anyways! We understand that everyone will be running from panel to panel, rushing to stand in line, or trying to get the awesome free swag in the exhibit hall, so if you can only make it for part of a meet-up, that' fine, too.

If you're not dressed in gothic lolita during a meet-up, please stop by anyways. We would like for all fans of gothic lolita to have an opportunity to meet new friends. Maybe you don't have your first outfit. Please, stop by anyways! I'm sure there will be plenty of people willing to offer you advice on where to buy, how to make, etc, etc.

The Sunday 5pm meet and greet is scheduled for when the convention closes. Some people will be grouping up and heading out to dinner after the convention is over. If you would like to do this, please remember to bring cash. Also, if you would like restaurant suggestions, just ask.

So, please! If you can, stop on by! We're especially trying to make the Sunday meet and greets large.

I look forward to seeing you all!

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