Kitana Ash Iwakura (snowangelkitana) wrote in egl,
Kitana Ash Iwakura

Hello! First Post,need help on Lolita Gathering and other Lolita-type stuff!

Hello everyone! ^_^

I hope I'm doing this right....I hate getting in trouble on my first post! T_T

Anyways,I have a question about Lolita Gatherings. I read up on the tutorial posted here,but I need some help on how often I should hold one. This will be the first one in our city,so I want to try and make it as awesome as possible! ^^
Any suggestions please? :3

I would also like to know about any Lolita websites or blogs that keep up with any Lolita Fashion News or things like that that I can use for my MySpace.

There was another question I wanted to ask...but my brian went "poot",sp I'll have to edit later.
SORRY! >_<

And Thanks! =D

EDIT: Okay,the other question was also about the Gathering,the Waldenbooks manager wanted to get involved,and wanted to put up flyers. Would it be okay to do that?

Oh,and is it possible to get any of the actual Brand stores involved to help donate a small item or two for contests or things like that? Or should those just be purchased by the hostess?
One of the fellow Lolita's keep asking about that,but to me that seems almost impossible,so I just thought I'd ask to get her off my back. ^^;;


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