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Closet Meme: sankakukoen

I love looking at everyone else's closet, so posting mine too. Plus it was a good excuse to clean my room orz

Blouses: h.naoto, IW, BPN, AP

Cutsews etc: Hysteric, Emikyu, BTSSB Snow White cutsew, AP Sugary Carnival Cardigan, MILK, AP, AP, h.naoto, BTSSB

Skirts: AP, h.naoto pannier skirt o'doom, h.naoto

Skirts 2: handmade x2, Metamorphose, Atelier Boz

Outers 1: Jane Marple tennis jacket, AP Fancy Melody, h.naoto, h.naoto

Outers 2: h.naoto, Jane Marple, offbrand capelet, bodyline

JSK/OP: AP, Marchenmerry, h.naoto, MILK, handmade

JSK/OP: h.naoto (this one has been affectionately dubbed 'the wedding dress' due to its white deconstructed fluffiness XD), VM, VM, Atelier Pierrot

JSK/OP odds and ends: handmade by la_chat_noir, h.naoto magical girl outfit, MILK, Jane Marple

Hair accessories, mostly off brand

Miscellany: Exentrique corsetx2, Dangerous Nude corset, h.naoto goat fur and teeth purse, Jane Marple swimsuit.

I didn't photograph socks, shoes, or my strictly gothic and gal stuff, and most of my winter stuff is packed away ^^; So here you go.
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