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CLOSET POST: my very sad sorry wardrobe :(

Hello lovelies!! Instead of showing you my closet (which has hardly anything lolita, since I just began building my collection) I have taken everything out. Apologies for the dim photos, taken on my webcam! It was hard.  First, my attempt at coordinating with a black skirt I own. But the shoes were way too tight unfortunately, so it's back to shopping for new ones! ^-_-^ Lolita shoes... I have a few other shoes, but they aren't really lolita enough to post. White shoes- Vintage 1950s. Black Xhilaration. Green Mudd. Pink Rampage. Oh, and the pink and black are both for sale, as they don't fit me.  My lolita rings, on a bow shelf. I have two of these bow shelves, I was so happy to find them! First ring is from etsy, all others handmade by me. Skirts!! Sorry, I'm making everyone dizzy with the camera views. Yellow skirt thrifted, Light Pink Bandolino, Striped Old Navy, Blue Floral H&M, Black and White Kohl's.   My lonely OP and my petticoats. OP is vintage/handmade, Pink Petticoat is Kogi Fashion (ebay store) and White is Leg Avenue (itchiest darn lace EVER, but it's all I've got!)
. JSKS! They look a lot better on, lol. All offbrand, the middle one is vintage. I was thinking of making it more Lolita.. Any ideas? The red one I corseted and put a bow on, though in the photo it doesnt look so good.  White Cutsew from target. I have 3 of these, in black, gray, and white. As well as a turqoise and pink cutsew, but I'm too lazy to take a photo of them all! And now for my pride and joy. Are you ready???  My MM replica coat... LOVE! It has little frilly lace and bow pockets which you can't really see, as well as detachable fur (not shown)
Hope you enjoyed my wardrobe tour. I am a major sales comm lurker, soon I plan to purchase some actual Lolita dresses!.
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