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Mew and Infanta review

On the 28th of March I joined mariko_senpai's group order for Mew's crown ribbon dresses. After a long wait I finally received my dress last week. Mariko has been amazing during the whole ordeal and has done her best given the circumstances and I have already spoken to Mew personally about my displeasure with how long my dress took. In my mind that's all water under the bridge now and I am here to review Mew's Crown Ribbon dress and an Infanta blouse I purchased from Mariko's online store, One Day in Paradise.

Mew's 'Crown Ribbon' velvet jsk

The dress is 100% velvet and the bodice and skirt is fully lined with polyester. There is shirring in the back and a side zip which sadly is a little small and fiddly and tends to get stuck while I'm trying to pull it up.
There's a row of gorgeous lace around the neckline and around the bottom of the dress. There is also a detachable waist band / bow but there aren't any buttons or loops to help secure the waist band if you want to wear it.

A close-up of the back of the detachable bow. Given how much I paid for the dress I would have assumed that the pin would have been sewn on to the bow but as you can see it's just stuck on with some glue. QoQ;

Close-up of the lace and the lined bodice.

More of the lining.

Shot of the back shirring. I was expecting this dress to be a little tight but it's really quite comfortable, the side-zip and shirring work really great together and it fits me really well.

Sizing As I mentioned, perfect! Very comfortable. 10/10
Price: There was some initial drama with the pricing and I had to pay an extra $30 on-top of the $214AUD I had already paid. 5/10
Quality: Besides the glue on the hair bow and the zip I'm very happy with the quality of this dress, the screen print is gorgeous and the fabric and lining are perfect. 8/10
Overall: This is a gorgeous dress but I would not recommend a Mew group order for people that need their dresses a.s.a.p. Obviously there's some growing pains with-in Mew's company that happens when a fairly new company tries to do too much too fast and that's something a lot of us in this group order sadly had to experience for ourselves. 7/10
Hopefully given some time problems like this will be a thing of the past. <3

Infanta spring dolly blouse

As mentioned before I bought this blouse from mariko_senpai's store and everything went very smoothly. I had paid for and received the blouse with-in the space of a week.

This is the only thing that bothers / confuses me about this blouse. The top of the collar has exposed sewing lines arranged in a square grid although the underside looks like any normal collar. It irked me a bit at first, I wasn't sure as to whether it was intentional or if someone has accidentally sewn on the collar upside down.

There are two types of lace used on this blouse, the sleeves and bottom trim of the blouse have thin netting and the bust and collar use a soft synthetic lace. I was worried that the lace around the bust would be a little scratchy but it's really quite nice.

From the back, you can see the netting at the bottom and the corset lacing on the lower back. The corset cord is a nice thick velvet-feel ribbon.

Sizing I talked with mariko_senpai about what size I should get and it's spot-on. 10/10
Price: Really damn cheap, this cost me $50AUD plus shipping which from memory was less than $10. 10/10
Quality: Still a little confused about the collar but it's a minor nit-pick and I'm sure it was made intentionally like that; besides that I think this blouse is great considering the price. 10/10
Overall: No problems at all, the blouse is wonderful and as usual mariko_senpai was more than happy to promptly answer any of my queries. 10/10
I highly recommend her store.

So how does the dress and blouse look together?
Great. :D

I hope that review was helpful! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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