Apotheca Amaranthine (gienahclarette) wrote in egl,
Apotheca Amaranthine

Closet Meme

My "closet" is actually half my lolita clothing and half storage for old art projects for the entire family. It lives in the sewing room.

Three skirts, all handmade. The black and cream are more like underskirts, and have a ton of ruffles in the back.

My red over skirt! It's pretty much my lolita pride and joy, even though I don't wear it very often. >.> I used home dec fabric, and as a result it's super heavy.

It's lined in super bright red.

Blouses! I don't know what's up with the Infanta one in the very far left; the flash did weird things to it. But, it's all the same black IRL. From left to right, Infanta, Anna House (One Day in Paradise), Anna House, Anna House. I hate sewing blouses. D: The backgrounds are all different because my camera is crap and can't do anything right. Wat.

Bloomaz. All handmade.

Petticoats! The black on is an altered Malco Modes, and the white one is one I ordered from a user on the com. Both are extremely poofy, although only the white one supports the weight of an underskirt, and the red overskirt. I don't really store these in any particular way, since one of them is usually living on my dress form. =/

Jumperskirts. Handmade, and handmade by someone else on the community.

Jackets, yo. Offbrand (I think Forever 21?) and F+F. Yes, that's a Ravenclaw pin on the black jacket; I wore it for the HBP premier last week. House pride.

Shoes. Offbrand, offbrand, and Bodyline.

The new apple of my eye! I finished up this skirt from the fabric I printed just in time for the HBP premier. Not HP, I know. But, I had to go dressed up in some way.

Close up of the detail, because I'm a whore and I love the red eyes I painted in. =O Because I'm even more of a whore, I'm going to mention that I do have two cuts of printed fabric for sale in my journal.
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