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Addie Sebastienne

Lolita Documentary Idea? (EDITED) (Re-edited)

First of all, Hiya! I'm a long-time lurker, first-time poster here on EGL. Maybe some of you have seen me on Lifestyle_Lolis.

Okay, so, I go to an Oceanography class every summer through my Grandfather's work.

I stay at my grandparents house from Sunday to Friday, and go to the class/camp each day, meaning getting up at around six and sitting in the car for an hour to get to his work in Rhode Island, then taking a bus to get to Central South Lab. Then we eat breakfast and take vans to go to various places.

This is the first year I've been into Lolita, so I just realized how hard it will be for me to stay there, and it gave me and idea for a documentary. I figured I could film different things and basically show how I operate here.

If I do make a documentary, It will show:

Packing from home and then unpacking at my grandparent's.
Shopping: Getting a few new dresses, new swimsuit, etc.
Getting ready each day, and then a short video summing up each day at night.

AND, My grandmother's birthday is when I'll be there, as well, so I'll be baking her a cake and will get some footage of that.

I was thinking of calling it "Loli Files: Ocean Side"
... Please help me think of a better name if that one is not suitable. >_<; It sounds kinda odd to me.

Just a note: I will NOT be wearing brand, all off-brand, mainly casual, and maybe a few dresses that aren't even lolita. I will mostly be filming it because I'm a lifestyle Lolita, so It will be hard for me to adjust to rather... unbeautiful practices of life.

A few things we will be doing this year, according to my schedual:

Making/customizing journals,
Going to an aquaculture farm in Matunuck,
Going on a boat where we catch fish with a net, store them in a tank, discuss each one, then release. (We've done this every year, and that's the best I can explain it)
Going to Mystic Aquarium (I'm very excited! I've only been one other time- With my girlscout troupe.)
Discussing Ocean careers

And a lot more.

Basically, I want some feedback:
Is this a good idea?
Would anyone be interested in watching it?
Is the title okay? ("Loli Files: Ocean Side")

EDIT: Okay, so I'm feeling a little shot-down. But what I've gathered is that people find in unrelevent, so I suppose I won't post it. Doesn't mean I won't make it, but I'm not going to post it here. Majority rules. (There was one person interested. So sorry if anyone else was, too.) Second Edit: Okay, So, with a few more people commenting, I have re-formed my idea. It will be a vlog, consisting of either 5, 6, or 7 "episodes" (One for each day.) I'm going to post it on a separate YouTube account when I'm done. It should be done in around a month. (The camp starts the first week of August, then around one week for editing, because I currently don't have a usable computer, so I'll be using my father's.) When it's finished I'll put a link here and on Lifestyle Lolis. Also, no feedback on the name yet? Would someone please tell me if it's total crap or not? (Sorry for being blunt! >.<) (In case you don't want to look, then name I currently have is "Loli Files: Ocean Side") Thanks for all the feedback!
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