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A message from HMHM regarding lolitatales

As a lot of you know, lolitatales is also a distributor for the Chinese brand HMHM. I was browsing HMHM today when I saw a message on their front page. Roughly translated, the message says "7/15 News Flash. The following distributor has been acting rather suspiciously as of late. Those who would like to purchase items please avoid this distributor. You've been warned!" and then they link to lolitatales (original message here if you can read Chinese XP)

I checked lolitatales  account today and the last activity they had on their account was in April. I did a quick search and found that some girls have been complaining about bad services from them lately. I think this message from HMHM confirms that it's best to avoid lolitatales  from now on. Hopefully people who've purchased from them got the items before lolitatales  obvious absence! And I hope some of you found this helpful ^-^

Also, I recommend to buy from these sellers instead for Chinese brand stuff: qcute and mashimaro_girl
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