Tokyo Rebel (tokyo_rebel) wrote in egl,
Tokyo Rebel

Ordering from Atelier Pierrot - accepting requests

Hey everyone!

We weren't going to post anything to EGL about this until we actually got some clothes in stock, but it really just seems to make more sense to ask again if you guys have any specific requests before we order.

We're going to start carrying Atelier Pierrot in our shop (and bringing them to NYAF), and we're going to place our first order this weekend. They will probably end up being the first Lolita brand to have their current line up on our web site. They're actually really down to earth and responsive so I don't think we're going to have any issues getting our orders from them in a timely manner. And they actually encouraged us to announce that we'll be carrying them.

(Still we're gonna wait to announce on our web site until we actually get stuff in.)

They don't have a catalog so we're going to be ordering based on their web site. If anybody's had their eye on anything there, just let us know here and we'll see about ordering it. We aren't asking for a deposit or anything, so there's no obligation. It has to be their own stuff - anything in the menu on the left that's in katakana. Their web site photos are kind of... not great... but I think you guys have seen what their stuff really looks like in the photos from the Japan Expo fashion show. It's so beautiful when actually worn.

If nobody's got any requests, then we'll just be ordering a selection of things we think will sell, and we'll let you all know when it comes in. Pricing will depend on the item but will generally be around the exchange rate on their non-tax retail price plus 10% (to account for shipping from Japan), then our regular shipping cost. Exceptionally heavy or expensive items might be slightly more - you can ask us when making the request if you want.

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