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Longest pause between purchases?

Hey EGL, I came up with this question to ask all of you while browsing for my next purchase today. I hope this hasn't been asked before. If it has please let me know kindly and point to the thread. I wasn't sure how to search for a topic like mine in the search engine so I thought I'd ask anyway XD;

I don't get paid very much since I'm only working 8 hours per week these days, so right now I'm trying to save up. Only thing is, as most of you probably know already, shopping can be a very addicting thing X3; I know I've told myself last month and the month before "Ok. this is the LAST thing I'm gonna buy for this month. I'm going to save up so I can buy better items!" And that never happened, since I always somehow manage to buy something each month. XD;

So my question is: what's the longest pause/break you've had from one lolita purchase to the next? A month? A week? If you've managed to not buy anything lolita for more than a month, could you please share some tips as to how you did that? XD Like I've said, right now I'm trying to save up, but the temptation is so great! I just can't say no to bargains :C 

As for myself, my longest pause from one lolita purchse to the next lolita purchase seems to be (according to my PP history from one payment to the next)...30 days XD; That was like all the way in the beginning though, when I just got started in lolita. Also I did purchase a wii game in between those two sooooo I don't think I can offer any tips on how to stay away from lolita hahah.

Anyway, post your longest pause since one lolita purchase to the next! Also, if you don't know if one of your purchases count as lolita, just ask yourself "Did I think to myself 'OMG THIS IS SO RORI I MUST HAVE IT' when I bought it? Was I going to wear this with lolita when I bought it?" Or better yet: is it in your lolita wardrobe/vanity drawers right now? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it's a lolita purchase :P Also post advices if you've actually managed to not purchase anything lolita for more than a month.

Finer points:
1) If you've bought fabrics and materials in hopes of making into an lolita item, all the materials bought count as lolita purchase.
2) Make sure you count from one "Payment to" to the next, not from one bill or payment recieved to whatever's next on the list. PP History has a filter that let you see only Payments Sent

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