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Angelic Pretty Print Chronology

I've been looking at all the closet posts that have been going up these past couple days, and one of my favorite parts is the vast amount of prints in there.  It made me start thinking.  Though I've been into lolita for a few years, I've only started paying attention to brand at all in the past nine months or so, and therefore I don't know a lot of prints that didn't come out within the last couple years.

Since that brand database we were all excited about a while ago never seemed to have happened or is still in the works, I figured I could come up with a chronology of Angelic Pretty, mostly because I'm curious, and it might be helpful for anyone wishing to confirm that AP uses the same pattern again and again and again (not objecting, just pointing out.)  Unfortunantly, I don't really know what went where before 2008. 




-Princess Silhouette (commonly Snow White)



-Fancy Ribbon  ((This has actually been released several times with only slight variation.  I've included the more serious variations below but otherwise just know that they've done it ))

PinkxWhite, Sax/white

-Sleeping Princess (commonly Sleeping Beauty)

-Angelica Print (Also known as "Girl and Bird" or "Cage Print", by Amai Kira) Does anyone have a pic of the stock photo??

black/white, Black/pink

-Flocky Ribbon


Name unknown!  Anyone know it???

White, pink


-Crown Trump  (exact release date unknown.)

Black/white, pink/white

-Wool Ribbon


-Sweet Berry (is one of these mis-named??  There seem to be two with the same name)


-Cinderella Style

-Ballerina Print (commonly known as Swan lake)

BlackxWhite, SaxxWhite, PinkxWhite

-Cosmetics print, コスメプリント

Black, white, pink

-Cherry print


-Cupcake Applique

Pink, Sax, Black

-Bunny Diamond Applique



-Secret Garden (I think this is the date?)


-Original Strawberry Print Series (real release date unknown)


-Pastel A La Mode print, パステルアラモード

Blue, Pink, Red, black (both dotted and gingham)

-Sweet Berry


-Twinkle Mermaid, トゥインクル☆マーメイド

Black, Sax, Pink, white

-Doll House, ドールハウス

gray x pink, pink x pink, gray x monotone

-Melody Doll, メロディドール

White, black, red, pink

-Carnival applique

Pink/red, black/white, pink/sax

-Mode Girl applique

pink gingham, gray glen check, gray gingham

-Puppet Circus, パペットサーカス

Red, white, black, pink


-Country of sweets, お菓子の国 (February)

Pink, white, black

-Strawberry (Ichigo) Millfeuille, いちごミルフィーユシリーズ  (April)

Mint, red, pink, black

-Glitter Trump

Sax, pink, black

-Osanpo candy chan, おさんぽキャンディちゃん

Gray/black, red/black

-Odekake Chocola-Chan, おでかけショコラちゃん 

Pink/black, gray/black, black/black

-Chocolo chan applique  (Was there an OP and if so does anyone have a pic??)


-Toy Parade, トイパレード (August)

Pink, white, black

-Rose Toilette, ローズトワレ (November)

Red, mint, pink

Ribbon sugar print  (Does this exist?  Is there a photo??)


-Dreamy Macaron, 夢見るマカロン (February)

Pink, mint, yellow, black

-Strawberry Picking


-Magic Etoile, マジカルエトワール (March)

Sax, red, pink, black

-Mermaid Symphony, マーメイド★シンフォニー

Pink, mint, black,

-Pretty Cherry


-Fruits Parlor, フルーツパーラー (April)

Pink/black, Pink/pink, Pink/red, Mint

-Sweet Ribbon Strawberry,   スウィートリボンストロベリー (May)

Red, yellow, pink, black

-Whipped Magic, ホイップマジック (July)

Hot pink, yellow, black

-Fruity Cafe (anyone have a pic of the OP?)


-Royal Poodle, ロイヤルプードル (September)

Black, pink, sax, red

-Fancy Melody,  ファンシーメロディ

Pink, red, black

-Wonder Party, ワンダーパーティ (October)

Sax, pink, black

-Lady Rose, レディローズ (November)

Pink, mint, white, black

-Angel Pony, エンジェルポニー

Pink, sax, black

-Nakayoshi Bunny, なかよしバニー

Black, white, sax, pink

-Chandelier Print, シャンデリアプリント

Sax, pink, red, black, white


-Miracle Candy, ミラクルキャンディ,  MIRACLE☆CANDY (January)

Sax, pink, red, black

-Sugary Carnival, シュガーリィカーニバル (February)

Black, sax, pink, lavender

-Cherry Berry Bunny, チェリーベリーバニー (March)

Red, pink, yellow, blue, black

-Sweet Jam, スイートジャム (April)

Yellow, red, pink, black

-Tiara Rose, ティアラローズ (May)

lavender, pink, sax, black

-Memorial Cake, メモリアルケーキ (June)

black, white, pink, sax

-Melty Chocolate, Melty チョコレート (July)

Pinkxpink, pinkxbrown, mint

-Milky-chan, ミルキーちゃん (August)

Pink, brown, white

-Milky-chan Applique


-Starry Night Theatre (September)

Red, pink, black, blue

-Dreamy Dollhouse, ドリーミィドールハウス (October)

Mint, pink, black

-Marionette Girl  (Yes I know this isn't a print but it's in Starry Night Theatre so I concede.)

Black/white, red/black, sax/white

-Dessert Collection,  デザートコレクション  

White, sax, black, pink


-Dot Ribbon (also known as 2010 lucky pack print)
Need stock photo!!!
Black, Sax, Pink

-Powdered Roses (January)

Pink, white, yellow, black

-Jewelry Jelly, ジュエリージュレ  (February)

Mint, black, lavender, pink, sax

-Happy Garden

pink, sax, lavender, black

-Wonder Cookie

White (multicolored), dark blue, sax, pink

-Milky Berry

mint, white, pink, black

-Milky Planet

yellow, pink, black, medium-blue (not sax)

-Fantastic Dolly

red, lavender, white, black, pink

-Little Bear's Cafe

white, mint, pink, brown, black

- Wrapping Ribbon  (ラッピングリボンワンピース)

white/pink, pink/pink, pink/black, black/pink

-Merry Making Party

Navy blue, yellow, white, pink, black

-Candy Treat

lavender, white, pink, black

-Holy Night Story

Dark green, white, pink, red, black

-Playing Cards Carnival

Red, pink, blue, black

Whimsical Vanilla-Chan

mint, lavender, black, pink


French Cafe

Red, blue, pink, black

Sugar Pansy

Yellow, mint, pink, lavender

-Sugary Carnival 2nd Release
Navy release added, JSK only

Triple Tart

Black, Pink, red, purple

Sheep Garden

Pink, yellow, sax, black

Dream Sky

Black, sax, lavender, navy, pink

Aqua Princess

Mint x pink, Sax x blue, Pink x Pink, Black x Purple

Honey Cake

White, yellow, pink, mint

Toy Fantasy

Sax, white, pink, black

Chocolate Chess

Brown, white, pink, mint


ファンシーメロディ Ribbon Melody

What are these?? Do they really exist?  Are there pictures/dates??


Name unknown, thought to be circa 2003.  Got any more info??

3.  Also, I need stock photos of Dot Ribbon!!!


I'm looking for what came out when, and pictures of the OP (though if you don't have those I can go find them, it's not a big deal.)  I'd love to make this fairly comprehensiveish, just for the heck of it.  If you see that I've got anything wrong feel free to correct me.  I know this is far from perfect :)  Thanks!

EDIT:  Super duper special thanks to everyone who's been leaving names, dates and pictures!  It looks like this thing might actually be complete soon O_O  Wow!  Thanks especially to osea_chelleo who found about half these pictures on her own.

Last Updated 7/16/11!
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