Jennie ♥ (autumn_x0) wrote in egl,
Jennie ♥

DS and Phone Bling. ♥

This is my first time trying to decorate anything, to be honest...I bought a crystal case and some little gems to stick onto it... *A*; I kind of had himegyaru in mind. I also put a few things on my phone ( it's old and chunky, and I thought it needed a little life put into it... ♥ )



this little guy just chills on the end of my DS; I used to have a few straps, but I took them off so I could easily just unclip that guy from the strap and take my case off without a hassle. *A*; I should find more like these. ~


and my phone. ♥ it's really old now ( about three and a half, nearly four years old now! *A* )


*A* Haha, I'd post a closet meme or something too, but I really only have three things.. *A*; hahah..

Anyway, I was actually considering practicing with the gems and glue, and potentially making cases to sell ( on comm_sales and what not ), and I was curious to know if there would actually be people interested in something a little more low key much like mine... With time of course, nothing that would happen right away!


Anyway, thanks for looking ladies. ♥


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