In Letang we trust (fieldofdreams) wrote in egl,
In Letang we trust

Fieldofdreams (potentia_libero) closet - Snoopy Socks and Innocent World!

I've been into lolita for 3 years but didn't start collecting for my collection until 2008.
I have a moderately small collection that I am very proud of including 1 dream piece.
but considering other outside variables such as college loans, jobless, shrinking wallet,
I've extended more to off brand and...for some reason the hording of socks.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the last picture, I was compelled.
EDIT - pictures sort of fixed - sorry D:

Most of these items are very lolitable and some I use frequently within my coordinates like my variety of handbags and hoodies to work in some casual look, so I suppose it is part of my closet. Heck, I love my Juicy and Innocent World!
I love collecting socks, especially unique ones, like my SNOOPY socks :D and Chick topper socks!

 I fixed the pics BUT idk why the link won't work to open it up into a larger version is my gallery link:

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