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Review for QCute / Dream of Lolita / Lace Residence (bags)

I ordered two bags from QCute, this blue one from Dream Of Lolita:

And this black one from Lace Residence:

Firstly, QCute was a fantastic seller. Her communication is excellent, answering all of queries and responding to nearly every PM the same day. Even though my situation was unusual (I paid for two bags plus a skirt, but the skirt went out of stock after my payment went through) Qcute was helpful, patient, and offered a great solution (offering to send the skirt with free shipping if it does restock, and refunding me if it does not restock). I would reccommend her as a seller and would certainly buy again from her in the future!

Communication: 5/5!


The bags were shipped out the day after I payed for them (and the shipping arrangement was made- see above). I had a shipping number so I could follow their progress. They arrived about a week after, quicker than I was expecting!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As you can see, the bags were shipped in an (appropriately-sized) box. The box got a little bashed in the mail, but the bags inside were unharmed, as they were wrapped in plastic too.


QCute was kind enough the mark the value of the parcel down, so I would not get hit by customs (it worked! :D).

The bags inside were wrapped in plastic, which was sufficient to stop them getting dirty or broken (as you can see, there was a little dirt on the wrapping). All in all, my only possible complaint is that the box got a bit crushed in transit- but since it didn't affect the bags at all, it's not a problem. Shipping was fast, safe, inexpensive, and trackable!


Products: Review of 'Dream of Lolita'


The blue bag I purchased was not quite accurate to the picture. In the stock picture the scalloped corners are entirely white, as per the AP original, but the one I received has blue corners with white scallop trim (same on the back). The colour is also not as bright as the stock picture (but does match other sax blue products I own quite well!). Other than that, there are only minor inaccuracies. The leather seems kind of uneven over the bag, which isn't obvious on the picture, and the bow is quite stiff, and since it is glued (or stitched) in three places, the slightly stiff, cornered shape is hard to change. Also, the bow is not stitched to the bag, the material sort of goes into the main body of the bag (I have no idea how to explain it but hopefully you can see what I mean from the above picture), which creates this line down the middle of the bow that I can't get rid of). There are also some tiny stitching flaws:


It is also worth noting that the scallops are made of layers of pleather (I think?) and have a tendency to pull apart. Still, I've used this bag for a week non-stop and only one scallop (and it's on the back) has actually shown any real damage (though the main zip-pull did come off when I tried to fit too much in my bag, so be careful!).

Having pointed out many flaws, I must say that all of these are minor, and it is actually a great deal for the cost. It has many cute details- the string of pearls, the heart shapes either side of the handle either side, a pink lining, and heart-shaped zip-pulls (the latter two shown below)!


The bag is a good size and fits a suprising amount in it- it has a zip pocket (shown above), and there are two pockets (without closures) on the other side, one sized for a mobile phone or iPod, the other approximately wallet-size. As well as these pockets, which make using the bag a lot more convenent, there is a pocket at the back (with a popper closure) and, of course, the main bag space itself, which you can easily fit a change of clothes into! It's a veyr practicaly bag, as well as being pretty!
Overall, there are many flaws, but none of them major. The bag is sturdy and pretty tough (I'm quite rough with handbags), and definitely a good deal for the price.


Products: Review of 'Lace Residence'


The second bag I bought was primarily for use during term-time, so I haven't used it as much. As such, I'm not as aware of its weaknesses (literally), but I would say that it seems to me to be of higher quality than the previous bag. The pleather feels softer and has a different look to it, less 'bubbly/foamy'. However, the stock photos are again innaccurate in terms of colour, this bag is definitely black and cream/antique white, not black and white (see the last picture for most accurate colours- the flash in this first one kind of washed out the kinari-ish colour). The buckles are not functional- the bag opens with poppers hidden under the buckles. The bow here is sewn on, which looks better than on the blue handbag, and allows the bow to fall more naturally, rather than jutting out in the middle. Also, the bow is sort of pleated (can you see what I mean from the picture?) which makes it look more softly curved at the edges.


The bag has a handle at the top, and also includes one long adjustable handle to allow it to be used as a backpack. (It took me the LONGEST time to understand how to make it two straps- clip it to one D-ring(?), pass it through the loop at the top middle, and clip it to the other side. Just in case you were wondering xD


This bag has a label, which is a nice touch the other does not include. The black marks you can see were left by newspaper it was stuffed with for shipping. I imagine the marks will wash off with a bit of water, and I am glad it was stuffed for transit, because it now seems to hold its shape better than the blue handbag (although this could be due to any number of things, including the material).
This bag cannot be used to carry heavy items (a note made by QCute on her site), but it does have enough space to hypothetically carry a thick textbook and a (thin) notebook. Oh- it also might be worth me pointing out that the bag sits quite high up on your back. This surprised me at first but I think in fact it's incredibly useful that it sits above the natural waist and so wouldn't impede a lolita sillhouette!
In summary, I was impressed and suprised by the quality of this bag. I don't know how resistant it is to use, but the material feels soft and the construction is good. The colours are not as they appear on the site, but other than that I was totally pleased by this bag!


Sorry for the massive load of detail xD If you have any more questions about my experience with QCute or about the items I recieved, don't hesitate to ask, either in the comments or by PM if you wish! I hope this has been of some use to you! ^_^
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