Camellia (camellia_ruth) wrote in egl,

Photo Request/Information Request about priscilladawn etsy store

I've seen this Etsy store and while I love the skirts and the waistband looks comfy, I just want to see if anyone here has bought from this seller.  Does anyone have any pictures of  any of the skirts being worn? Or review about the quality?  Able to wear a petti with one?  Is the seller a member of the egl community?  I looked at the seller's feedback and while some people enjoy the skirts, I just want to know from an actual confirmed lolita to give a thumbs up or down. I'm really just concerned with being able to put a petti under it.  Didn't find anything in egl search  So this looks like a long shot at being answered but I thought I would try.

One of the skirts in question:

Thank you! 

Main store link:
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