Elerronyar (elerronyar) wrote in egl,

2nd round of IW lucky packs

So the Innocent World lucky pack B became available again after they were first released.
I decided to go for it and get a size L! 

So here's what I got:
1 blouse, 1 JSK, 1 cutsew, 1 bolero, 1 pair of socks and 2 pieces of jewelry. A nice deal, and they all (minus the jewelry) actually tie in nicely!

Close ups:

The cutsew!
I'm definitely keeping this, as it's adorable, it fits, and it has a nice neckline.  Very cozy. The arms also accommodate a number of sizes thanks to the elastic. This cutsew buttons up with three buttons at the neck in back.

Partially knitted, it's got a cute neckline. The only complain about this is that the only way it secures in front is with a removable pin instead of a button or hook. I'm afraid that the pin will stretch out the knit after some time!
I'm still keeping it though :D

The best part in my opinion, but it's totally not a size L blouse! I should be able to fit in a size L but it gapes for me. So I'm going to sell it.
But it has detachable sleeves!!! And the lace is to die for...

(no flash to show better detail)

It's so cute and HEAVY!  It doesn't quite fit comfortably right now so I'm going to see if the straps being adjusted would do it (the straps have a lot of leeway to be lengthened, like most IW jsks!). It's definitely growing on me. I thought of selling it but I may end up keeping it.

Cute knee highs with lace! Though I have a pair very similar, so I'm going to sell these :'(

And accessories!
Poodles are not my thing, though these are superbly cute. Will be selling.

Overall, pretty happy. Sad that I'm probably only going to keep two pieces, maybe three.  But it was fun to get it and see what was inside! I never did a lucky pack through IW before.
The only real complain? I got hit with customs :'( $50.

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