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Peachie's Wardrobe

~ Note: Huge post- VERY image heavy! ~

Hello! Welcome to my wardrobe of lolita clothing, yay!--- err... wait a minute...

You'll err, have to excuse the ominous horde of fuzzy creatures on the right. They took shelter here and I haven't had the heart to move them out for extra room. So my less frilly dresses have to get folded into my drawers. xD

I keep my detachable bows and ribbons in here. ^^

This is my vanity. ^_^ I treasure it and adore just looking at all my little trinkets while I brush my hair. Most things here are lolita. ^^

... Don't ask why I keep my gloves in a teacup.

Now, onwards to the clothing! YAY!
Thanks to stores like Anna House and Bodyline, I have built up a really fun wardrobe in the past year and a half that I've been wearing lolita. :) I can safely say I'm a daily lolita, whoop! I love trying all kinds of diffeent styles.

Note: The reason I've added my signature to the pics is to stop eBay/EGLsales scammers, or I'm just putting the pics into my DeviantArt scrapbook).

These are my two favourite print JSKs! I think they look so vintage and charming. The pink puppy-dog jsk is one of my favourite lolita dresses ever.
- Bodyline -

These are my Classic lolita outfits. I treasure the JSK on the left, its so hard to find a low-priced Classic lolita dress! The right one was very well loved but shrunk in wash- I'm keeping it for wearing with jeans on non-loli days. (Gasp!)
- Bodyline - Anna House -

Fruits and Candy! Whoopee!
- Bodyline -

Lovely Sweet Lolita OP's. ^_^
- Bodyline - Anna House -

My Black and White jsks!
- Anna House - Sai Sai -

Two of my first proper lolita dresses. The one on the left is my most worn lolita dress (so much it has needed patch-ups!)
- Anna House -

Apron-like JSKs. :) The right one has a far too childish print, sadly. :( I ordered it thinking it was a café print- silly me. But I use it now as an atcual apron. ^^
- Bodyline -

Super cute dresses! The right one is one of my fave dresses, so princess-like! ^_^
- Bodyline -

These are my louder prints. The red one I've had for a while but I'm still experimenting to find the perfect outfit for it.
- Bodyline -

- Bodyline - Fan Plus Friend - Anna House -

Boleros... (pink one is LOVE!)
- Bodyline -

Lolita Shoes! The pink ones at the front are my favourites.
- Refuse to be Usual - Bodyline - Anna House -

- Bodyline - eBay -

Underthings... (OH MY lol)
- Sai Sai - Anna House - Bodyline -

My two coats yay! The black coat has a hood which has both detachable cat ears and bunny ears. ^^ (bunny ears aren't in the pic though).
- Sai Sai - Bodyline -

Hair accessories!! The hat still needs to be attached to some elastic to stay on all day. The white headdress is going to be decorated. :) There is a real wedding tiara there too, an 18th birthdya gift from my boyfriend's mother. Wow!

Bags and accessories. :) The butterfly bag is an antique from the 1960's, apparently.
- eBay - *gifts* -

T-Shirts for casual/punk lolita. ^^ The black top goes well both over a blouse or by itself for gothic or midly ero-lolita.
- Zara - Cute Plush - *gift* - Joe Brown -

This two-piece set it not quite lolita, but the skirt alone is! I love this sailor suit as a whole though, too. xD

My pride! Hello Kitty corset! (what? so what if its made by Momo's?! .... *tumbleweed*)
This looks super-cute over a blouse, or by itself is great for ero-lolita!
(Momo's Handicrafts)

Speaking of Momo's, these two pieces below are my first peices of lolita clothing ever. Yeah, I fell for Momo's scam. D: The dress has really tight sleeves and is made of bad fabric. However I got lucky on the skirt, it is super quality and I have worn lots of times, yippee!

My two lolita pullips, Bluebelle (aquel type) and Ariel (kirsche type). Dearies!

This canvas art of me goes by my wardrobe; it was a super-gorgeous gift from my best friend mzimmy. I love it, thank you so much!!
It's based on my outfit here.

I'm so amazed at the amount of lolita stuff I own. x_x Its great because I can mix and match however I please! I've come a long way...
Also noticed the main colours are white and pink. ^^ Guess I'm really a sweet lolita at heart, even though classic is still the favourite! Gyah!

Also thank you to EGL for the Closet Theme as inspiration, it really helped me pack my suitcase for going to Whitby tomorrow, LOL!

Thank you very much for visiting, bye bye!

Love and lace,
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