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 sewnknitnkit on EBAY

Oh my, this lady has perfect feedback on ebay, and I couldn't figure out why after dealing with her.
She waits til you cannot give feed back anymore to screw you over. 

Communication - 3/5

Shipping- 0/5

Quailty - 0/5 since I never got the items. 

Horror story:

so I ordered 50 yds of lace from her may at the beginning of may. She mainly sells small pieces of materials and lace.
The price was nice, which happens on ebay. She at first communicated no problem, she apparently
shipped my item out like normal, Than two weeks rolled by and I got nothing.. So I sent her another 
msg letting her know this. After a month, she claimed she'd shipped out again.  I still got nothing, being the
too trusting person I am I sent her another message, she said it had be rejected and she would shippped it out again.

Now beign mid july, and no response still from her, I cannot give her negative feedback because it's been so
long since i "won" the items. I cannot do anything, she refuses to give my money back and 
she claims it is my fault for lack of an apartment number, though it clearly states in on the PP bill and
in my building if you dont have an apt number on the package, the front desk gets it because its a condo.
So there is no excuse at all that could cause it to be rejected because of an apt number.

Shes coming from the USA, and i'm in canada, so there are no border issues either.
I told her I'm placing a complaint with both ebay and PP. She says she has no problem fighting it.

Overall i'm more disapointed that someone who i thought could be so kind, isn't than loosing my money.
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