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Have another closet!

This exercise in exposing my closet has actually helped me quite a bit to figure out some holes in my wardrobe-- thanks egl! You can really tell what clothes fetishes people have by the ratio of items to one another-- as in, some people have no shoes but tons of bags, while other people have tons of wigs and such. I wonder what I'll discover about my wardrobe?

I've been collecting since May 2006 so that averages to one major item every 6 months or so. It feels kind of slow compared to everyone else but I'm really picky ^^

I apologize for my crusty camera pics. My closet doesn't really look like anything from the outside, nor do I have a pretty layout like lots of other people. See~~

And I keep my accessories in these--

So I took the stuff out for a better view. My bed doesn't usually have the Little Mermaid blanket-- just put it on for pic taking ^^ Here are my major items roughly in order of purchase:

Meta <3 my first two dresses



BABYS + Cat (off-brand)

Even though I consider myself a classic lolita, I guess I don't have that much classic =3 And my color palette is lightening with time. Interesting...

Winter stuff- I live in Florida so this is as heavy as it gets!

Blouses and bloomers-

Off-brand finds! I love plaid lol That white blob on the left is a lace skirt~

Remnants of days gone by? I wear these items occasionally for ero-loli and punk stuff but my true love is lolita <3 That long-sleeved blouse in the middle was my first "Japanese alternative fashion" purchase from Algonquins =D

I have a weak spot for patterned tights! I found this thingy at IKEA with lots of holes and made it into my tights-holder!

Hmmm displaying my sock collection like this shows that I have tons of black and dark colored socks but not enough light ones at all!

Larger hair stuffs- yes those are bunny ears, but they're brand, I swear ;)

Smaller hair things - jeez I like flowers... and birds XD

More accessories-- I never wear those ties and should probably sell them. Made the wristcuffs. That's a fur collar-- but it's vintage so possibly a little more ok?

Bagggs- I seriously lack cute purses.

Shoes- I hate buying shoes online. So I use mostly normal shoes which is just boring...

One thing I do have a lot of is jewelry! My mom collects vintage and antique jewelry and sells it so I get to snag my favorites. Here's a selection of the most lolita-related stuff I have. My mom's website is here for reference: http://www.rubylane.com/shops/vintageobjects

And my contraband collection of crosses that I hide from my mom (I'm Jewish =o)

So my conclusions are:

I need either to buy some black items to flesh out the black blouses and socks I have, or sell them.
I need more bags and "lolier" shoes.
I would like to get some boleros and cutsews.
I need more light colored socks or tights.
I'd like to get more skirts.
I should probably sell off the punk stuff I don't wear.
I want some IW/MM/VM in my life.

And a bonus! One of the walls in my room is a Little Mermaid mural I've been working on... for years now! I'm really trying to finish it up because I'm moving out =P

Good night!
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