Sinny (roza_mystica) wrote in egl,

my closet/bedroom^-^

So, after the approval of some of you, here is my closet ^-^
to explain my picture above - it was my first meet and i was shy as hell,
only for my best friend to throw me in front of a line of lolitas bearing cameras
i prefer to be BEHIND the camera>_<

Now, my room!

This is part of my shoe collection.
I have MORE shoes, but they're at friends houses or too bleh for this photo =D

My bags ^-^ I have a massive weakness for them
The black thing in the corner is my wardrobe from ikea :P

My 'other' wardrobe. Contains my skirts, cosplays, jackets, good tops and corsets :)
Oh and my Sumomo hat, Venesian mask and wig :)
I didn't want to pull everything out, as it's HELL to get back in

My new umbrella :) It's loli-ish, I love it.
My plushies that live on my bed and Chobits wallscroll in the background.

My collars, arm warmers/cuffs and manifest passes:)
The tartan collar is from one of Melbournes only 'lolita' stores - Shibuya.

My jewellery :) Theres a rose ring, bow ring, birdcage necklace, mirror neckace, cupcake necklace x2, card suit earrings I bought off egl_comm_sales, cupcake earrings, doughnut earrings, teddy bear earrings, unicorn ring, hello kitty necklace, a bow pin, a mudkip keyring, my best friend necklace with natasha_lolita and goodness knows what else XD

This is my very first actual lolita skirt.
I made it all by myself :3 it's a basic bell skirt, with white lace and black ribbon threaded through the lace.
I wore it at the meetup and people loved it.

Some of my skirts and my petticoats. I struggled to take this photo XD
The pink bow in the corner is part of my hell bunny skirt.

The shoes I wear with lolita :)
I plan to buy a pair of RHS or teaparty shoes ASAP

Bags I use with lolita and my toes :P

Four of my corsets ^-^ The bottom right corset I made myself!
Sorry for crappy photo I have shaky hands.

Now, this is NOT lolita.  But I made this dress with my mother when I was 16 and wanted to share because it is my pride and joy.
It's an Irish Dancing dress, I danced for 13 years and wish I was healthy enough to continue.

I have MORE stuff in my room, but didn't really think you would care about it XD
Also, am I the only one with painted walls? All the photos I've looked at had pink/white walls.

Hope you guys like my room as much as I do XD

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