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My closet+room

Going with the topic, I'm posting pictures of my closet and loliable parts of my room. Thank you egl for inspiring me to clean my room! But you don't get any before pictures because it's embarassing....lol It was weird because I found so many things that didn't belong to me in hidden placed in my room...either that or they were put there by someone and got knocked off my dresser and pushed back under something. It hasn't even been very long since last I cleaned my room! Anyway, I though my room was cramped, and the reason for that is all the stuff that isn't mine! wtf!? There was a synthesizer and a drumset that I knew were there but never bothered to move them, so I moved the drumset...you can still see the synthesizer....ehh. I've never been one care too much about what my room looks like, so If it's badly arranged or whatever, I'm sorry.

First off, My closet:

Close up...

and whats in it...

I'm selling all of these...

These coats were all made by me

I don't really buy brand socks, but here's two pairs of brand and two of off brand

my dresser

My other dresser

and to your left it mount sewing-materials

and my bed... not very loli, except of the plushies maybe....

There's some stuff I'm sure I forgot to take a picture of and will remember later, but oh well, that's most of it. I have a lot of handmade stuff that I don't wear anymore that I didn't take a picture of. If you want to critique my abilities or interior design or lack there of, feel free.

Thanks for looking!
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