Kristen (felysion) wrote in egl,

Questions for blog owners

First off hello. I have some questions for the lolitas out there that write blogs other than just the average livejournal/ dear dairy posts.

For a year now I have been writing a tiny side project blog called Princessly Living but I want to enhance it to a more productive blog. I am posting to seek your advice.

How did you decide to start your blog? I know status takes lots of time and work so how did your blog gain its popularity? Do you now have or hope to gain sponsors and profit from your writing? How has that worked for you? Do you have a certain objective in your mind every time you make a post or do you write whatever you feel like at the moment? Would you suggest that diary entries are okay to be incorporated into the blog or are they best kept strictly for livejournal? What seems to draw people to your blog and keep them following it?

Any further advice? Besides a new layout, I'm working on that. (laugh)

Thank you for taking the time to read this and reply.
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