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Wardrobe Meme


My wardrobe is definately not as epic as some that have been posted so far, but I thought i'd share it anyway, as i've never participated in this meme before ^^
My whole wardrobe. I've tried to arrange it like a mini store in the corner of my bedroom xD
Parasols and umbrellas. These hang from the closet door. I never close it because I like to be able to see all my clothes.
Shooooes! Until recently I hardly had any loli shoes but over the last few months i've been stocking up. I tend to wear shoes out quickly, so I only buy replicas and cheap-ish lolita footwear.
lolita wardrobe,bags
Up top I keep my bags, stuffed animals (lol- I can't quite bring myself to get rid of them), corsets, berets and other crap that doesn't require hanging.
teddy bears
Top shelf is home to some headwear and some more teddy bears. The cream one is modelling a mini hat made for me by a very dear friend. <3
Next shelf down houses my headbows, headbands and detachable bows. My storage is definately more decorative than practical here >_<
Then we have some of my jewellery and accesories draped around an ornamental tea pot. The rest I keep on jewellery trees around my room.
Bonnet made by me and my mum ^^ plus some more casual headbands and my winter ear muffs.
Dresses/skirts close-up... Guess the print!
print shot
Different angle
Upskirt shot minus the lolita. This isn't really necessary I just thought it was a cool picture.
I made a video, too. It's pretty much the same thing as this post, but here's the link anyway:
I love my wardrobe, but I have no idea what I am going to do with it all when I move to uni (in just over a year). My closet is stuffed as it is, and most of the ones in halls seem to be smaller than this. I'll probably just leave some at home or keep more of it in boxes. :)
That's all, I love seeing other people's stuff so keep posting ~
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