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Discussion: what you don't like in lolita...

I was writing a post on my personal blog yesterday about offbrand and brand relations, coordinating offbrand, and how not cross the line between ita and lolita, when I just realized that even if I know perfectly how to dress like a "regular" lolita, sometimes I just don't follow it because of personal reasons.

My biggest problem are shoes and socks. I simply don't like any lolita shoe I've seen before, at least not on myself (except a pair of Baby boots from last winter collections). I can't imagine myself wearing any brand shoes, nor replicas, but it's really hard to find loliable offbrand shoes in wich I can walk more than five minutes. Even in my everyday life I can hardly find comfy shoes, and I was never able to risk buying the mysterious M and L size shoes, especially since they seem so... big and round and simply not graceful. 

The same goes for socks - I'd just love to wear knee-socks, but my knees are too wide and not flattering at all, and OTK socks are not comfortable for me, because I'm always watching them if they are at the same level or not, and if not, I can't stop pulling them up. I like wearing tights and stockings, but none of the brands (as far as I know) are making stockings for non-japanese-size girls, and everywhere I go I hear the same: "nylons are not lolita". It's even harder now as it is summer and really hot, and I can't force myself to wear anything that covers my feet.

I wanted to open a discussion because this summer I'm going to meet foreign (and more sophisticated) lolitas for the first time, and I'm being afraid of judged ita-ish, or even worse: maybe they'd think I have a bad taste. At the same time, I don't want to wear what doesn't make me feel right and give up my personal belief that every lolita is different, and people can't be uniformized by dressing rules. But I can't start a discussion with them "I'm not wearing lolita shoes because I think they are ugly", can I? :)

What are your intentional lolita "mistakes"? How do other lolitas respond to your outfit when it's clearly not perfect in every detail (because of your own decision)? What expectations you don't like and don't want to follow?

What dressing habits you don't like on yourself and what's bothering you on other lolitas?

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