Jo (jtph_jo) wrote in egl,

jtph_jo's wardrobe! :)

My camera is pretty much at death's door and starting to show it, so apologies for slight blurriness and weird colours and such. D:
I have a few more things on the way, including my long coveted black twinkle mermaid skirt, but I have no idea when they'll arrive. So! --

Skirts - the bright pink and blue one in the middle just finished being altered from a too-small Shirley Temple jumperskirt. :D

Jumperskirts - I don't have any OP's anymore because they're not chubby upper arm friendly :x

Blouses - sorry for the blurry! T_T

Cardis and Jackets

Socks, plus my vintage gloves and pom pom sock garters :3

Hair accessories and detachable bows! (well the detachable bows that aren't currently attached to their respective garments, anyhow :P)

Jewellery... and a couple of hair clips I forgot about in the last picture

Bags - I forgot the ETC present box one in the first picture so it gets its own :x


And a slightly outdated whole wardrobe pic -- since my camera flat out refused to take an even remotely in focus pic of it today.

If you want to see a better picture of anything, most stuff is at my Poupee Girl Account. I'm kind of slack at updating or it would all be there :x.

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