Ashley (Ashurii) (lolitaintern) wrote in egl,
Ashley (Ashurii)

Lady Heather's Fashions at Otakon

LHF is back from Japan and will be bringing items from some of your favorite Japanese brands to Otakon!

Stop by and visit us at booths 1004, 1006, & 1008 in the dealer's room!

Lady Heather's Fashions is bringing a variety of brand & off-brand merchandise to this year's Otakon!

Japanese Brands: Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates, Innocent World and Metamorphose

Off-Brands: Fan+Friend, Lolita Princess, ML Finale, Rakuen Fashions

American Handicrafts: Lady Heather's Fashions, My Sweet Lolita

I also have an exclusive offer for members & watchers of this community!

We'll be passing around goodie bags and other offers at the convention, so if you see us around be sure to say hi!
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