Elerronyar (elerronyar) wrote in egl,

Theme: Elerronyar's Closet :D

I am super lucky to have a very nice room :D

Welcome to my room!

Here be my closet. It's walk in! I also got a wardrobe to fit lolita stuff in. It was supposed to be the only place I'd have lolita, but then my lolita collection started taking over the world!

The white things are a belt and a BPN "jabbot"

Normal clothing skirts are the farthest away, jumperskirts are at the front. I do have some OPs mixed in there.

Normal clothing shirts to the right (can't really see them though), Blouses, cutsews and cardigans towards the left

My wigs :D Finally put all of them in a nice place (got a few nice cyperous wigs in recently!)

Here's my wardrobe.First piece of furniture I built for the apartment (ikea yay!)
Here are my OPs, sets, and skirts.

Jewelry chest! My nice jewelry I have with me, as well as a few cheaper pieces that I adore. All my current rings, minus ones I made.

Flower hair goodies!

Fancier hair pieces

Faux pearls, amber, and my BtssBxNana Kitade choker :D

Below my headbands are many drawers, 2 of which are socks as mentioned before. Here you've got collars, sock garters, and wrist cuffs :D

My hair random drawer of random. It's nice having everything out like this because I can see everything I have. And i don't have to be absolutely organized for this.

More views of my room.......and one of my new purchases....

My vanity. And my parasols for the time being, as my huge ass painting is taking up where they used to be. OOO and some fabric :D

Earrings :D

Many, many, many headdresses!

Last but not least...
Lolita socks. I had to move them into a bigger box. And I just got a hell of a lot more.
Mind you the rest of my socks take up two drawers.....

Thanks for looking :D
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