lauralyn (lavendeer) wrote in egl,

Starting a Shopping Service?

I am about to move to Japan and I am very interested in starting a shopping service. I will probably be offering more than just Lolita items (like men's clothing and toys), but the main focus would be Lolita brands and stores. However, I have no idea what the needs of community are, and if there is even a need for another Lolita shopping service..

So I would I love to hear comments and suggestions about:

- what would you like me to offer?

- would you like a traditional web-based store or to deal with me personally over LJ and e-mail?

- what stores would you like me to visit and what locations? (I will probably be in Tokyo, but it wouldn't be out of the question for me to make trips to other cities.)

..and any other suggestions you have (even if it is only to say you don't need another shopping service).

Thanks a lot!

So it looks like a lot of people are interested.. I will take all of the suggestions into consideration and check out all the shops that you have suggested... and I will keep checking back for more comments. :)
You can expect another post from me on here or in the sales comm in early August with details about my shopping service :)
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