Miss Megan Maude (missmeganmaude) wrote in egl,
Miss Megan Maude

Monthy Themes

A couple of weeks ago idealia asked what themes people would be interested in seeing, and now we're implementing the first themes!

There will be a general theme as well as an aesthetic theme each month. The general theme might be things like sewing, closets, picnics and so on while the aesthetic theme will be something like a color or a pattern. The reason for two themes is so that there are more opportunities for people to participate. Theme based posts do not need to include both of the themes, nor do all community posts have to be on theme. The themes are just to give people inspiration and excuses to post! Of course, if you want to make a post that includes both themes, please feel free! More power to you!

The themes will be listed each month at the top on the main community page. They will be changed on the first day of each new month, and in the future we will sometimes take a community vote on what the next theme should be.

This month, in honor of Lucky Packs and Summer, the general theme is "Closet Showcase" and the aesthetic theme is "berries".

Closet Showcase
Show off your lolita wardrobe! You can show us just your clothes, or you can show them in your closet or drawer. If you're the type with a messy room, you could even use this as an excuse to clean up and show us before and afters!

It's summer in Japan, North America and Europe, and what is more summery than berries? Show off your berry print clothing or have a berry themed picnic and share the pictures with us! Do you have some adorable berry recipes that could be used for a tea-party? Share them!

If you have any questions about the themes, please ask in this post. The moderation team sincerely hopes that everyone will have fun with this! ^_^
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