Duplica (duplica_chan) wrote in egl,

Lolis visiting a concert! pics+ concert review




we met sansonnet at the concert. She wears metamorphose and a Dunkelsüß shirt

and misery_chastain (she wears Victorian Maiden) and maria (not lolita)

and here a pic of the singer Nana

short concert review: Lolita KompleX played in Vienna the 2nd time. it was a small concert in a small location, but it was a lot of fun! They played some cover songs, like Moi lolita, Alice in Wonderland, Turning Japanese and the Death Note Opening, but also some own songs, like Doll House. The crowd got some lollis, which is a quite good fanservice XD but what should I say? I like their music and headbanging in lolita is so much fun XD


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