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Review of Shopping Service: Mochimachine

I've wanted to commission a personal shopping service for a while since I've really begun fancying brands such as Emily Temple Cute and Jane Marple, who do not sell their items online. While I've bought many bargains from Y!J and mbok, the items I've coveted from these brands websites seem to seldom show up for auction and so it was well timed when harlekini and her partner started their shopping service last month.

Communication/Order Process: Harlekini was very prompt in replying to all my emails even though she has only very recently moved to Japan. Ordering was easy, I sent her the links of the items that I was after and she then sent me an email with the total.

Shipping: The whole process was very fast, I paid on the Saturday and it was shipped on the Monday. Shipping was sent by EMS, the clothes in their original packaging and in the original shopping bag.

Fees: The fees are reasonable at 10% plus 3% for paypal fees. Accepts payments in Yen (CC and non-CC), which is preferable to previous shopping services I've used that convert from my original currency to Japanese to their own currency.

There is a minimum order limit of 7500yen and as yet they cannot accept auction/webshop orders (should change once they get settled).

Summing Up:
mochimachine keep you well informed, are friendly, very fast and will also mark down the items prices for customs. I will commission from them again in future for sure :)

Not so great photos of the items:

For reference, I bought the Antique Handkerchief print Apron Dress, the Flower Collage Cutsew, and the Purple Diamond Socks. I hope to be able to wear the cutsew and apron once we hit spring, and maybe...I will have enough of a hide to post photos on daily_lolita XD

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